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Literacy and Justice: A Family Advocacy Workshop (Virtual Event)

Family Advocacy Workshop 1

Details: This workshop aims to empower families with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and advocate for their children's literacy success. In this workshop, participants will gain a foundational understanding of reading assessment data and how it informs instruction and intervention. By delving into the basics of reading assessment data, participants will learn how to interpret and utilize this information to have informed conversations with their children's teachers and effectively support their children's learning journey. Additionally, participants will explore strategies for collaborating with teachers to ensure that their child's individual needs are addressed and that they receive the necessary support to achieve reading proficiency.

  • Learn the basics about foundational reading skills and assessment data.
  • Understand how teachers use data to inform reading instruction.
  • Learn how to advocate for the needs of a striving reader in school.
  • Understand the intervention options for striving readers
  • Prepare for conversations with your child's teacher. Questions? Email

When: Tuesday, May 7, 2024 @ 05:00 PM

Where: Virtual (RSVP to participate)

Little Shop of Kindness

InsideSchools @ Little Shop of Kindness April 2024 Page 1InsideSchools @ Little Shop of Kindness April 2024 Page 2

Details: Looking for Summer or Afterschool programs? InsideSchools will be helping with applying for after schools and summer rising programs. Register here!

If you are unable to attend, reach out to us on WhatsApp (+1 929-332-4467) or mail us at

When: Fridays, March 29 & April 5, 12, 19, 26 @ 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Where: 1745 FIRST AVENUE, AT 90TH STREET, Inside the Avenue Church Building, 3rd Floor

Past InsideSchools events

Reading Reform in NYC: Teaching Kids, Empowering Parents, Supporting Teachers

Reading Reform in NYC

The webinar took place on April 16, 2024. If you have questions about the event, please email . Access the webinar recording and resources here.

The launch of NYC Reads, DOE's new literacy program based around the "Science of Reading" has raised many challenges, including how to communicate to families these new changes in curriculum and how it will impact their children. Join InsideSchools and Education Trust-New York for a virtual event discussing NYC’s reading reform efforts in K-5 schools. Explore the science of reading, statewide policy impact, and insights from educators, advocates and a parent on improving children's reading skills. Panelists will focus on best practices in informing families about these changes and providing guidance on supporting their children in reading, especially the City’s most marginalized children.

- Jeff Smink, Education Trust New York, Deputy Director
- Novella Bailey, District 3 Manhattan, Special Projects & Initiatives
- Pilar Ramos, Academy of Arts and Letters, Principal
- Teresa Ranieri, PS 443, The Family School, School Based Literacy Coach
- Latoya Judge, PS 191 Paul Robeson & Read 718, Brooklyn Parent
- Yana Semiglazova, PS 303Q Academy for Excellence through the Arts, Queens parent
- Tabatha Garcia, La Fuerza de Familias Latinas, Parent Workshop Facilitator

Moderated by Natasha Quiroga, The New School Center for NYC Affairs, Director of Education Policy & InsideSchools

This event is supported by the Levin Endowment.

Questions? Email

Get to know our speakers!

When: Tuesday (4/16/24)@ 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Where: Virtual (RSVP now to participate!)

Achieving Educational Equity for New York City’s Newcomer Students Panel Event (Online)

PolicypanelIS-01 PolicypanelIS-02 (2)

The webinar took place on December 13, 2023. If you have questions about the event, please email . View the recording of the webinar on InsideSchool's YouTube channel

Details: Over 30,000 newcomer students have enrolled in NYC public schools since the spring of 2022, and many have previously experienced interruptions in their education. What are the strengths, assets, and needs of New York City’s newest students? How can educators, community organizations, and policymakers collaborate to better support students and families as they transition to our city? This webinar will address who these students are and explore how schools and community organizations can create the conditions for students to be successful. Panelists will also discuss local and federal policies to achieve educational equity for all newcomer students in New York City schools.

Our panelists include several experts, such as:

  • Moderator: Natasha Quiroga, director of education policy and InsideSchools, The New School’s Center for New York City Affairs
  • Lara Evangelista, executive director, Internationals Network
  • Ivonne Mora, teacher, International Community High School
  • Melissa De Leon, principal, International High School at Lafayette
  • Lisa Auslander, senior project director, Bridges to Academic Success
  • María Rocha-Carrillo, NYC program specialist, ImmSchools
  • Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz, New York State Assembly District 39
  • Alejandra Vázquez Baur, fellow, The Century Foundation, and co-founder, National Newcomer Network
  • Aqdas Shahnoory, Eleanor Roosevelt High School 11th grader, New York City Schools

Get to know our panelists

This event is supported by the Levin Endowment.

When: December 13, Wednesday @ 4-5:30 PM

Where: Join The New School’s Center for New York City Affairs, the Internationals Network for Public Schools, The Century Foundation, and the National Newcomer Network for this timely virtual panel discussion.

Introduction to Transition Planning by IncludeNYC

IncludeNYC Webinar

Details: "Get to know the basics of transitioning into life after high school for students with disabilities, including changes in disability law, planning, procedures, evaluations, and next steps." (Language: Spanish)

When: November 8, Wednesday @ 5PM

Where: Virtual (Register to attend the webinar!)

High School Admissions Webinar

Oct 05 HS Admissions Webinar Page 1 Oct 05 HS Admissions Webinar Page 2

Details: Part II of our webinar series is geared to current 8th and 9th grade families embarking on this year's high school admissions process. In this free, one-hour webinar, expert panelists from InsideSchools and NYC Admissions Solutions will answer the most frequently asked questions submitted to us about this year's admissions process.

To make the most of the information in this webinar, attendees should be sure to watch Part I of our webinar series prior to this event:

We strongly encourage you to submit one question when you register for this event that you would like us to answer. We will answer the most frequently asked questions submitted by those who register.

(Download pdf)

When: October 5, Tuesday
- Spanish session @ 6PM (Click here to register)
- English session @ 7PM (Click here to register)

Where: Online (Register to get the Zoom link)

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